Q: How do I get to the Gateway Center?
A: Click here for Directions.

Q: I'm a bride or groom. So, I get free admission. Do I have to go to the Box Office?
A: YES. Everyone, including brides and grooms, must go to the box office to receive a ticket stub for entry into the show.

Q: Why should I pre-register for the show?
A: Pre-registered couples will get a two free tickets! Only pre-registered couples will be eligible to win the Vendor's Attendance Prizes. 

Q: How do I pre-register?
A: Perfect Wedding Guide manages our show's pre-registration through their website.  Click on this link to pre-register for the show: Follow the steps to pre-register.  

Q: Where should I go when I arrive to Gateway Center? 
A: Go to the exterior Box Office.  Please have your pre-registration ticket ready for the box office. If you have not pre-registered your guests the cost is $7 per person and they will receive a Paid Admission Ticket. You will then be able to walk into the building and enter line for Check-In.

Q: Do I have to bring something to prove that I am bride/groom?
A: No, we will take your word for it. :) If you pre-registered please bring your ticket confirmation.

Q: Where is the Box Office? 
A: The BOX OFFICES is located directly outside the main entrances in the front and back of the Gateway Center.

Q: Can I print off my confirmation multiple times and get more than one person with me in for free?
A: No. Print the confirmation once for your free pass.

Q: What if I cannot find my confirmation email?
A: You can email or call us at 618.345.8998. Or the Box Office can check our Pre-Registered Brides List. 

Q: What is the cost of regular admission?
A: $5.00 for regular admission online or $7.00 at the door.

Q: Are children allowed? What is the cost for children? 
A: Yes. Children 12 and Under receive Free Admission.

Q: What time should I get there?
A: The first 400 brides will receive Bride Swag Bags. The January 2018 show is from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM. 

Q: Will there be a Runway Fashion Show?
A: The Gateway Bridal Show presents a Runway Fashion Show at each January show.

Q: Will there be a Cake Dive?
A: The Gateway Bridal Show presents a Cake Dive at each August show.

Q:  What is the ASK THE WEDDING EXPERT on the Gateway Center website all about?
A:  If you have a wedding related question, go to the Ask The Wedding Expert page where brides can submit wedding questions.  When a question is submitted, the question(s) is sent to all the show's vendors.  A compilation of answers that are received from the vendors will be emailed back to the bride.