Have you spend too much time researching and wondering what wedding attire is trending for 2014?  After meeting with Bridget, owner of  Bridal Manor in Waterloo, I have found the answers for you!

  1. Great Gatsby:  Brides are exploring the 1920s Great Gatsby Theme for their bridal attire.  Old Hollywood theme gowns and tie headbands have been a hot item in stores so far this year.
  2. Lace: Lace adds the elegant, vintage yet never outdated look to your wedding.  White lace and/or colored lace is in for both the bride and bridesmaids.
  3. Illusion necklines:  Absolutely Stunning.  See dress by Maggie Sottero.
  4. Western: Expect to see lots of brides and bridesmaids in their gowns along with cowgirl boots.  Bridal Manor has introduced a new tuxedo with a camouflage lapel this year!
  5. Neutral colors:  Brides are looking for bridesmaids’ gowns in neutral colors: blush, cream, vanilla, champagne and latte colors.
  6. Assortment of styles:  Bridesmaids are wearing the same color choice but their own style of dress to fit each body type.
  7. Belts:  You can change the look of any simple gown and make it stand out.

Make sure to stop by Bridal Manor to see their new collections and learn about their expert bridal advice!


Gateway Bridal Show will be held at Gateway Center on Sunday, August 10 from 1 pm until 4:30 pm. For more info:

~Blog Post written by Cassie Hoffman.

>1) Inspiration! Yes, you may have your "My Wedding" Pinterest Board done and it may be full of creative ideas. But, nothing can compare to seeing decorations in person. At a bridal show, you can learn about the newest trends, you can see the latest designs and you can meet the wedding professionals that can actually make those creative ideas come to life.

2) Opportunity to build connections - At bridal shows, the wedding pros are at your service. We all know that you can learn a lot about a person by meeting them face to face. It is crucially important that you like and trust the vendors that you select to work with for your wedding.

3) Bridal shows are full of free food & drinks followed by yummy wedding cake samples. Need we say more?!

4) Prizes - Bridal shows incorporate chances to win prizes to create excitement and increase attendance. Be sure to check out the bridal show's website and Facebook Page prior to the show so that you know how to enter any contests or drawings.

5) You! Congratulations! You are engaged! This is truly a special time in your life. So, SOAK IT UP! Brides are celebrated at bridal shows. You can come to the show with your hubby-to-be, your momma, your BFFs, or all of the above. Please take the time to attend a bridal show so you can celebrate being a bride!


Gateway Bridal Show will be held at Gateway Center on Thursday, January 23 from 5 pm until 9 pm. For more info:

~Blog Post written by Jamie Lane.